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Framed Clay hand/foot Prints

This side of the business has really taken of, and we are constantly thinking new ways how to update our services, for example presenting new shapes and styles of painting.


Our youngest baby so far is 5 days, so don’t worry age, in-fact the younger the better we think, “ big on cute factor”.

We also do family prints, Mum, Dad baby and dog if you have one. These are fantastic items and are handed over and presented in large frames.


Talking of Dogs, we are starting to do more and more pet clay prints so feel free to come along with the family pet.

You just choose from a range of 30 colours and we do the rest. We will inscribe what ever you want, usually it’s a name and age but the choice is all yours.


Being a natural clay product, these prints take a maximum of 2 weeks to complete, we will call you as soon as they are ready for collection.


Prices vary but the standard price to date – Framed is £45.00